• Welcome to the NEW QMC Website

    We have just launched our new website and we are very excited @ QMC in the future ahead, currently some parts of the site are disabled and we will be releasing them in the upcoming new year as we are working very hard behind the scenes to enable them to our and prospective club member's. Updates to follow.

  • Nicky Grist Stages Final Results
  • Horiba Disis Stages Final Date Confirmation

    QMC has finally got confirmation from MIRA that our event is 'pencilled in' for 22nd April 2017. Updates to follow @ Disis-Stages

  • Check Out the Upcoming Club Night Events

    That take place on Thursday October 13th, Thursday November 10th and Thursday December 8th, Check out the event page for more information.


    We are pleased to welcome 3 new members who joined to take part in the Nicky Grist Stages, Chris Hetherington from Fradley,
    Jamie Anderson from Ellistown and Ross Leach from Carno.
    As at 28th June membership totalled 150. (Membership at this time in 2015 was 154)

  • Walk Motor-Sport Sprinting Away
    On the 12th of June we took part in...
    Walk @ Abingdon Stages 2016
    Matt and Adrian swapped seats for the Abingdon Stages Rally, held at Dalton Barracks on the 5th of June. My...
    A Big Thank You
    A big thank you to all those who came along and helped out to make the Nicky Grist Stages the...
    Return of the Clubmans Challenge
    The return of the Clubmans Challenge!   A program...

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    Overall Championship

    Full Name Total Points
    Irina Fonda 35.33
    Quinton Motor-Club 234.33
    Dan Fonda 33.33