QMC Horiba D’isis Stages

Welcome to the 2018 HORIBA D’Isis Stages Rally.

The event organising team from Quinton Motor Club are yet again both very proud and highly delighted to announce the continuing and long-standing support of HORIBA UK.

It is now 24 years since the D’Isis Stages was first privileged to be allowed to use the excellent and varied surfaces and roads of the MIRA venue and it was at that same time that the event name became the HORIBA D’Isis Stages Rally.

With the Motor Industries Research Association proving ground’s combination of high speed and technical road layouts providing such a great challenge to the crews and their cars, it is fitting that HORIBA have been such valued supporters of this event with their vast experience as a prime supplier of advanced engine and vehicle technology to successful motor and engine manufacturers.

Retaining its popular traditional format of offering good mileage of about 60 miles over six stages utilising the best of the fantastic sealed surfaces that the MIRA Proving Ground has to offer us, means that we can confidently wish everyone a very enjoyable day of rallying.

The well-received Friday evening scrutineering is retained for those that wish to book it and have a more relaxed and quieter start to their Saturday morning.

Unfortunately, even with the club absorbing much of the ever increasing cost involved in promoting the event we have had to make a small increase in the entry fee but we hope that you feel it is still good value for the use of such a great venue.

Whilst we enjoy the annual high levels of support from competitors of our top class championships, especially with the inclusion of the ACSMC Championship, it can put our Entries Secretary in the unenviable position of having to disappoint some competitors that left their entry too late. So, please return your entry early and utilise our split payment plan to help spread the cost between now and the closing date.

We look forward to meeting you whilst enjoying the friendly atmosphere and great competition that we have lined up for you on the HORIBA D’Isis.

We wish you all an enjoyable, successful and a safe day’s motorsport.

The Organising Team.



The Associates of the Motor Industry Research Association

The Horiba MIRA Proving Ground Staff All Championships and their Coordinators

The Rescue, Recovery, Radio and Marshalling teams

The Motor Sports Association

Mark Sims of rallygallery.com (cover photo)

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Event Secretary

Mark Colston
61 Brownley Road
West Midlands
B90 4QP


0121 243 5392


07540 765830

(Between 6pm and 9pm only)

e-mail: entries@disis-stages.org.uk

Marshalling Equiries

If you would like to marshal for this event.

Please contact the Chief Marshal, "Martin White" on 07713 141837 or alternatively please email @ marshals@disis-stages.org.uk

Official Contacts


MSA Steward TBA

Club Stewards Ray Smith & Graham Hopewell

Clerk of the Course Roger Whitehouse Clerk@disis-stages.org.uk

07718 047 230

Dep Clerk of Course (Stage) Mike Hawthorn Dep-Clerk-Stage@disis-stages.org.uk

07854 134 485

Dep Clerk of Course (Event) Mike Adams Dep-Clerk-Event@disis-stages.org.uk

07986 776 561

Secretary of Event Ian Rix Secretary@disis-stages.org.uk

07726 700 902

Event Safety Officer Rob Bromage Safety@disis-stages.org.uk

07774 703 611

Chief Marshal Martin White Marshals@disis-stages.org.uk

07713 141 837

Entries Secretary Mark Colston Entries@disis-stages.org.uk

07540 765 830

Competitor Liaison Officer Val Thompson CLO@disis-stages.org.uk

01530 231 446 or 07801 705 359

Media Officer Ian Rix Media@disis-stages.org.uk

07726 700 902

Stage Commander Andy Taylor Commander@disis-stages.org.uk

07967 575 962

Spectator Safety Officer Paul Farley Spec@disis-stages.org.uk

Service Area Coordinator Barry Morgans Service@disis-stages.org.uk

Event Finance Officer Graham Townshend Finance@disis-stages.org.uk

Results Mark & Jane Colston Results@disis-stages.org.uk

Chief Scrutineer Steve Ford Scrutineer@disis-stages.org.uk

Chief Medical Officer Terry Dix CMO@disis-stages.org.uk

Chief Timekeeper Vaughan Allcock Timekeeper@disis-stages.org.uk

Communications Harold Hicken Controller@disis-stages.org.uk