Club Rules




 To be read in conjunction with the Memorandum and Articles of Association of Quinton Motor Club Ltd, incorporated on the 27th January 1969.



Applications for membership of the Club shall be made on the appropriate form and sent to the address stated on that form, accompanied by one year’s membership fee. The application will be ratified at the next meeting of the Committee



HONORARY LIFE MEMBERS: Appointed by the Committee. These will normally be persons who, in the opinion of the Committee, have provided outstanding service to the Club, probably over a long period of time.


HONORARY: Appointed by the committee annually, at their first meeting following the Annual General Meeting. These will be persons who, in the opinion of the Committee, have provided outstanding service to the Club or motorsport in general.


SINGLE: This shall provide full membership of the Club. Full members are entitled to participate in competitive and social events promoted by the Club, and in those of other clubs, from whom an invitation has been received and accepted by the Committee. They will be entitled to receive publications distributed by the club and will be eligible to take part in all Championships promoted by the Club. They will be granted a single vote at any General Meeting.


FAMILY: This shall provide full membership to the first-named person on the membership application form, his or her partner and up to two children. The children will be classed as Junior Members and enjoy the same benefits as the category referred to below. However the distribution of any club publications will be limited to the first-named member.


JUNIOR: This shall provide full membership for persons under the age of 18 years on the 1st January of the membership year. Junior members are entitled to participate in social events and competitive events promoted by the Club and in those of other clubs from whom an invitation has been received and accepted by the Committee. Participation in competitive events will be subject to the General Motorsport Regulations published annually by the Motor Sports Association. They will be entitled to receive publications distributed by the Club and will be eligible to take part in all championships promoted by the Club. Junior members are not entitled to a vote at the any General Meeting, until they reach the age of 15 years




Subscriptions are due on the first day of January each year. Members will be given two calendar months in which to pay, after which they will be reminded in writing that their subscription is due. If the Membership Secretary has received no remittance within 28 days of this notice, the member will be deemed to have resigned from membership.

No member whose subscription is in arrears shall be eligible to take part in an event run under the General Competition Rules of the Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association Ltd as a member of Quinton Motor Club Ltd.

Subscription fees are set by the Committee.

The membership year shall run from the 1st January to the 31st December. New members joining after the 1st October in any year will not be required to renew their membership until the 1st January the year after the year following.

Any member not renewing their membership before 31st March will not be able to claim points in any championship from January 1st until renewal date.



All motor competitions, promoted by the Club, will be governed by the General Competition Rules of the Motor Sports Association Ltd. The Club will organise annual championships for various categories of motorsport, in which all full members will be eligible to compete. Details of the championships will be published in the month preceding the start of the championship year.




Unless otherwise determined by a General Meeting, the number of members of the committee, who are not officers, shall not be fewer than five nor more than eighteen members, exclusive of the President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Competition Secretary, who shall be ex-officio members of the Committee.

Ex-officio members shall retire at each Annual General Meeting and an election shall take place for these positions.  Elections will be carried out in accordance with Rule 11.  Retiring members may offer themselves for re-election.

Committee members shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting for two consecutive years, after which time they shall resign from the Committee but may offer themselves for re-election. Elections will be carried out in accordance with Rule 11.

The Committee shall meet at least 10 times each year providing a quorum is present. A quorum shall consist of eight persons who must include at least two ex-officio members.

The Committee is empowered to appoint a full member of the club as a member of the committee, provided that the maximum numbers above are not exceeded. Any member so appointed must resign at the next Annual General meeting, but may stand for re-election.

The Committee is empowered to form subcommittees, consisting of no fewer than three people. Any full member may be invited to sit on a subcommittee. Subcommittees shall always report to the Management Committee and shall be disbanded when the business they were formed to carry out has been completed.



If two-thirds of committee members present at a meeting are of the opinion that it is in the best interests of the Club that membership is withdrawn from an individual member, then the Secretary shall write to that member advising him/her of the date and place of the meeting when the expulsion shall be discussed. The member shall be allowed to offer an explanation of his/her conduct either verbally, in writing or through a representative. If two-thirds of the committee members present then vote for expulsion, he/she shall cease to be a member.



All money belonging to the Club shall be kept in accounts opened in the Club’s name in a High street Bank/Building Society or Financial Institution of similar status. All of the latter bodies must be registered with the appropriate Government-Appointed Financial Regulatory Authority. Any withdrawals from these accounts will require the signature of two Officers of the Club. These signatories must not be from the same nuclear family nor reside in the same property. To be considered as a potential signatory, a person must have served on the committee for a continuous period of at least two years.

The Club’s funds will be managed by the Treasurer who will present a statement of account to each meeting of the Committee.

Disbursements from Club funds may only be made on forms authorised by the Committee.

Claims for expenses incurred on Club business must be agreed by the Treasurer, Chairman, or their appointed deputies, in advance of the expenditure taking place. Receipts should accompany claims wherever possible. Failure to comply with this procedure may result in the claim being rejected.


Once every year the accounts of the Club shall be examined and the correctness of the income and expenditure account and balance sheet ascertained by one or more suitably qualified persons as described in the Amended Articles of Association.



Quinton Motor Club Ltd is limited by guarantee and every member of the Club undertakes to contribute to the assets of the Club in the event of the Club being wound up while he/she is a member, or within one year after he/she ceases to be a member, for payment of the debts and liabilities of the Club contracted before he/she ceases to become a member, and of the costs, charges and expenses of winding up, and for the adjustment of the rights of the contributors among themselves, such amount as may be required not exceeding £1.



It is a condition of membership that the rules of the Club are observed and the member agrees to accept as final and binding the decision of the Committee in all cases of dispute regarding the interpretation of these rules.



Copies of these rules will be made available to members on their election. The Memorandum and Articles of Association can be inspected by appointment with the Club Secretary.



Committee Members and Officers shall be elected at any General Meeting, in accordance with the following:-

  1. If there are a number of candidates equal to, or fewer than, the number of vacancies, then all candidates may be considered for a position, en bloc, on a simple majority vote.
  2. If there are more candidates than the number of vacancies, then a vote is taken and the candidates with the greatest numbers of votes are accepted until the vacancies are filled.
  3. Any member in good standing may propose that a secret ballot be conducted. If a seconder is found and a simple majority vote passed, then the secret ballot will take place; otherwise a simple show of hands would be taken.



Amended 23.10.13