Incentive Schemes


1. To benefit from the scheme participants must be full members of the Club at the time of scoring marshalling points.

2. They must have signed on as being Quinton MC Members and proof may be requested of this.

3. One reward point will be awarded for each ten points scored in the Marshals’ Championship. Each reward point is worth £1.00. (Subject to a maximum total award for the whole championship of £750)

4. Participants in the scheme must have marshalled on a minimum of five events in the period 1st January to 31st December to qualify. There is no maximum, subject to Championship rules.

5. The co-efficient of each event will be decided upon by the Championship Co-ordinator. The Championship Co-ordinator’s decision on all matters relating to the co-efficient of each event is final.

6. Rules for Marshals’ Championship are as defined in the Club Championship booklet.

7. Although voluntarily ruling themselves out of the Marshals’ Championship, the Championship Co-ordinators are eligible for the rewards scheme.

QMC Competitors’ Championships’ Incentive Scheme

The Committee has agreed major additions and improvements to our incentives scheme for all our competing members, in the light of the very successful Marshals’ Scheme piloted in 2006.

The club organises the following Competitor Championships:

• Multi-Venue Stages - Driver & Navigator/Co-Driver

• Single Venue Stages - Driver & Navigator/Co-Driver • Road Rallying - Driver & Navigator

• Coup d’Elan - comprising of off-road activities such as Autocross, Rallycross, Hillclimbs, PCTs, Autotests, Sprints and Hill Rallying.

Competitors who wish to qualify for the additional awards shown below will enter events under the Quinton name and display the enclosed two QMC Championship Contenders’ decals on the rear side windows of the competing vehicle. Further decals are obtainable from the Membership Secretary 01562 850 266 or

In addition to the trophies awarded, the winning drivers and co-drivers in the 2016 Single Venue, Multi Venue and Road Rally championships will each also receive:

• Single Venue Rally – Half a Free entry in the 2016 Horiba D’isis Rally.

• Multi-Venue Stages – Half a Free entry in the 2016 Nicky Grist Stages.

• Road Rally – An entry fee refund of up to £50 on a similar event of their choice during 2016

In addition to the trophies awarded, the winning driver in the Coup d’Elan championship will also receive:

• Coup d’Elan – an entry fee refund of up to £100 on a similar event of their choice during 2016

This extended scheme of rewards and incentives is designed to encourage competitors to enter events under the Quinton banner, thus promoting the Quinton name nationally, whilst also helping to offset at least some of competitors’ considerable costs.

But remember – you’ve got to be in it to win it!