Chairman’s Report

Chairman’s Report for period
October 2015-November 2016

I am pleased to report that 2016 has been another successful year for Quinton Motor Club, with continued growth and development of our motorsport activities; notably the inclusion of the Nicky Grist Stages in the British Rally Championship.
The current committee has worked particularly hard this year and I am pleased to announce that our club is sound in both financial and membership terms.
• We need members to step forward to fill some of the vacant roles we have on committee that are not filled owing to long-standing members’ standing down.
• We really need some younger members on the committee to ensure continuity and also to make sure that we do not lose touch with the membership.
For the club to continually achieve this level of success year on year is in part due to the work undertaken by the committee and their management of the club, but it is also due to the membership who continue to support and promote the club via their motorsport activities. I would personally like to thank our members for their support during 2016 and wish them all the best for the 2017 season.

In reviewing the annual report on the clubs finances, you can see just how well we have done during the last financial year, which is due to the continued success of our two flagship rallies and tight budgetary control.
We have continued with our policy of putting something back into motor sport. To this end we have also continued with our reward schemes for our competing club members, marshals and our scholarship funding helping our younger club members get started in motorsport. Investment in the club’s infrastructure has also continued, with our policy of purchasing new equipment to ensure the smooth running of the club administration and the promotion and management of our two rallies.
At this point I feel a vote of thanks from all the members should be passed to our treasurer Mike Adams and all of the committee for managing our finances so well over the past 12 months.

Our membership level is much the same as the previous year. This is especially good as many clubs are struggling, as peoples social attitudes change.
This excellent situation is due in part to the continued special effort put in by our membership secretary Doreen Davis.
Doreen has decided to stand down from committee after many years of service and I would like to express my sincere thanks for all the hard work she has undertaken on behalf of the club during her service on the committee.

Public Relations & Media
We still do not currently have a Club Press and PR officer, which is something I will endeavour to resolve as soon as possible; any club member who feels he or she could fill this post please step forward.
Our monthly newsletter, whose editorial team consisted of Doreen and John Davis, continued to provide the club with an excellent update of up and coming events, amusing anecdotes and important items of club news. With John and Doreen stepping down from committee, a new editor was found; step forward Sophie Curtis.
Sophie has taken on this role, so please support her by providing news snippets and club announcements. Again I would like to propose a vote of thanks to John and Doreen for all their hard work.
At this point I must also mention our Club Website. The Website is an important tool in our media portfolio, as it projects the image of our club, not only to the local communities but also to the whole of the Internet.
Our Website has been re-designed by James Ore. It has not been straight forward and James has put a significant amount of work into the development of the site making it meet all our requirements and it would be fair to say that it is an on-going project. The new site is up and running and I am sure you will like the new look. James needs your help to populate the site with all sorts of information; let’s use the new site to promote the club to the world.
This year we have seen a tremendous increase in the use of social media for promoting the club and its activities and we must thank James for developing this additional communication stream.

Marshalling and Competition
I would like to congratulate and thank all club members who have competed this year and kept the club flag flying.
I am pleased to report another successful year for our rallies.
The d’Isis once again ran at MIRA and it is worth noting that this event continues to improve year on year; the club must congratulate Roger Whitehouse and his organising team for putting on one of the Premier Single Venue rounds on the calendar.
In late November early December last year Neil Cross Clerk of the Course for the Nicky Grist Stages was were asked if we would host a round of the British Rally Championship, which was going to make the Nicky Grist stages into a two-day event. The first day followed the tried and trusted format we have used for numerous years; running our Flagship BTRDA gravel event; the second day would be on tarmac.
We knew it would be a tough ask; but to have the club run an event at that level was an opportunity not to be missed.
Once again Quinton Motor delivered on its promises; but not without a huge amount of work undertaken by all members of the club; well done and thanks to all involved.
A special thanks to Susan Butcher as secretary of the event for the amount of work carried out behind the scenes; to Neil and Pete Cross, Mike Broad, Nicky Grist and Ian Butcher for enabling Quinton to deliver a first class event.
Quinton marshals and event officials have again provided many car clubs with staff, enabling them to run their events; I would like to thank all our crews for the level of professionalism shown when undertaking these duties. Special thanks must go to John and Doreen Davis for all the hard work they put into co-ordinating our marshalling activities. Again, as I said earlier, John and Doreen will be stepping down from committee and this is just another aspect of the excellent work they have undertaken for the club.

Club Nights and Social
Club night attendances are poor and we have struggled to provide events for the Clubman’s Challenge.
We need to turn this course of events around. A club by definition is a meeting of likeminded individuals following a common interest. We are drifting away from this and unless we just want to organise our Rallies and communicate via email and social media we need to do something to turn the decline around. The committee will continue to work at developing the social aspect of the Club; however it’s your Club; so let us know what you want and we will endeavour to provide it. We need fresh ideas to align the club with desires and expectations of a 21st century membership.
Whilst my comments above on Social and Club nights all seem somewhat downbeat, we should remember that, all in all, we have had a very successful year, but remember it is your club and only by working together can we make sure that next year we will continue to build on this success.

Steve Thompson
Chairman Quinton Motor Club Ltd